Sine Hjort


Printmaking Studio 9

9, Munson Street 4D

Croton on Hudson

NY 10520







The Brooklyn Bridge series represents my own experience. I came to New York from Denmark in 1986. I embraced the Underground Music and Art scene. I traveled the Brooklyn Bridge and danced in the underground clubs. I saw both the beautiful and the scary elements of the city.


In my works people are dancing and then they are falling, They are sucked in and then they are spit out, sometimes they land on their feet, They leave behind at home their worried mothers with hands covering their faces and little houses and groups of families wishing the young ones did not have to leave their safe comfortable lives. 


The danger is present as the crazy dogs are captured inside the boxes like angry people inside their lives. The rows of trees represent the little fake parks alongside of financial institutions. Parks so perfect that they can only be watched not touched.

Inside the expensive high risers exotic women watch the city and the big birds are watching too. The big birds represent our destiny, our chance, fame, destruction and rebirth.





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