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The Funen Printmaking Workshop has great opportunities for exhibiting original prints. We create exhibitions with professional artists from Denmark and abroad. The entrance is free to our exhibitions. Visitors are welcome to have a look into our workshops as well.


We have 6-8 courses each year in different printing techniques. The courses are open for members, professional printers and students from the art academies. The workshops are done in the following techniques: dry point, woodcut, lithography, aquatint, etching, algrafie, photogravure, chine collé, viscosity etc.



2-4 times a year, we have lectures and Artist Talks. It may be a guest artist who would like to talk about his printing methods, or a member who has returned home with the bag full to visual experiences, that she or he would like to share with us. 

Lectures are open for all.




We host the first international print biennale for kids (IBK) at the age 5 - 15 years. You should submit no later than the 15 th of May, and your prints should be here before the 29 th of June.

If you would like a detailed description, please send an email








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