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IBK18 - International Print Biennale for Kids




All Kids are invited to participate in the world's 2nd international print biennale for children.

Funen Printmaking Workshop in Odense Denmark, invite all children I the age from 5 to 16 to participate in our 2nd Print Biennale for Kids. All works will be exhibited in August 2018 in our small gallery, please note the seize 10 x 10 cm, and no more than 2prints per child. Please read the following information carefully, and sign up no later than the 1st of May 2018! An international jury will decide who will Win the prizes in August 2018.


Who can participate:

All children aged 5-16 years. You can send 2 prints each, and the works can be sent gathered from a school. Registration before the 1st of May 2016, the works must be sent to:


Funen Printmaking Workshop

Hans Jensen Stræde 18

DK - 5000 Odense

Deadline for submission is the 1st of May 2018 by email.

IBK18 exhibition takes place in August 2018. The prints should be her no later than the 1st of June.


Theme / topic:

The topic for the 2nd Biennale is the fairy tales of H C Andersen. You can choose freely among H.C.A.s tales - and be inspired. The technique is free, just make sure it is a printed artwork.

Price for participation: 8€ per participant (2 prints). If an entire class participates together (one print per student), the price of the whole class is 25 €. Each print will be for sale at 50€, or you should mark the print on the backside “Private”. If the print is sold the money will be send to the child before Christmas 2018.


How to:

It is recommended to spend time in the creative education at school to learn about prints. If there is no pressing-machine on the school, it is advantageous to do monotypes, or linocuts. On our Facebook page, you can see how to press monotypes:

 The size of the prints must be 10 x 10 cm, paper size max 15 x 15 cm.



Each participant is sure to have at least one work exhibited on Funen Printmaking Workshop from the 4th to the 28th of August, same time as the H C Andersen festival 2018.


The picture must be equipped with:

CLEARLY: Name of participant, age, name of the school, address, telephone number, and email, as well as the fairy tale that has been the inspiration for the picture. The works MUST be produced by the individual child / student themselves. Funen Printmaking Workshop reserves the right to use the image to advertise for IBK18.

Funen Printmaking Workshop takes 40% commission on sales, and undertake to send the works back within one month after the exhibition has ended.



A jury will select three works, which will be awarded with prizes. The artists will be notified the in August and the prizes will be presented on Funen Printmaking Workshop in August 2018. Registration form is available at IBK on Facebook and  Enjoy!


Instruction for monotype

Monotype can be prepared in several different ways. It is important to start with a flat plate, for example of glass, Plexiglas or wood, as well as a roller and a glass plate to roll out the color. It is also good to have thin paper, like Japan paper, and a spoon to do the printing. Remember that the work will always be mirrored in the printing process.

Detailed description: Roll the color onto the glass - so the roller is full of color. Then roll the color on the printing plate. The student draws her/his motive on the plate with a stick, or another tool, such as a pointed small roll of paper. The plate is pressed by putting a piece of paper over the plate, use a spoon to imprint all over the plate. The paper is lifted from the plate and there you have your print. Instead of drawing a motive on the plate, you can put something above the plate, you can draw on the backside of the paper when it is situated on top of the plate, or put a fruit-bag in between the paper and the plate before you put on pressure. There are many options - set the imagination free.

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