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The course are open to all however, members of Funen Printmaking Workshop have advantage. The courses are generally 4 days and the rate is DKK 1.500 DKKeach.

Members of Funen Printmaking Workshop receive a discount of 25 %


To submit please contact: +45 6613 9973 or by mail to:

Courses in 2018



Lithography the 30th of July - the 3rd of August by Wieslaw Dabrowski Lithography on original stone is something you can be bitten by. We put out with s / h for beginners. It is drawn directly to the stone with a special pencil or marker. Take your own drawings with. Copper, paper etc. can be bought on the course. 5 days from kl. 10-16. max 6 participants, Price: 1.800 DKK



Course in etching and deep print at Anja Percival 3 + 4 + 5 November

(only one-day course, one must choose one day)

Corrosion according to the traditional method. Kune one-day courses, max 4 participants per day. Price 500 DKK. The course is taught in English.


Artist Book November at Estelle Lacombe 23-26 November

Create an artist-book Is the convergence of art, language and printing technologies and the choice of the book form as a meaning. With a serie of prints, you could search the best way making an artist book, perhaps you'll need to complete your work with another print, a drawing, a cutting, an embroidery or something else, imagine your artist book like a total art work. Please bring your own plates an ideas.

Participants no more than 8 people, price 1,500 DKK

Lessons is taught in english.



Course in woodcut by Jens Bohr the 30th of Nov. - the 3rd of December.

Traditional woodcut course with colors.

I will teach in color charts made on several plates - one for each color - in principle blue, red, yellow and the overpressure colors it may cause. It's the basic form of color slices that, in addition to the actual cutting of wood and investigating different cutting modes, is a good practice in color understanding and training of will and memory.

Please bring what you have from a wood cutter knife. Perhaps sketches etc ...

In addition to the course price, there will be costs for materials - printing papers, wood slabs and wood cutters.

Max 8 participants. Price 1,500 DKK



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