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Funen Fine Art Craftsmen and Women

6th - 30th May 2017


The group "Fynske Kunsthandværkere" exhibits in May at Funen Printmaking Workshop under the theme "Pressing". Will they displace or enrich the traditional black art? It is in any case an unusual and bold meeting.


The roots of exhibitors and exhibitions are Funen and should promise a welcoming mildness. In addition, the weaves Anne Bjørn and Jette Nevers, the ceramics Merethe Bloch, Ida Holm Mortensen and Peter Tybjerg, the visual artists Lars J. Falkenberg, Nina Ferlov and Amy Grandt-Nielsen, the photographer Gurli Nielsen and the goldsmith Eva Dora Lamm, will come together with several skills in the bag. Each in their way, they contribute to a multifaceted interpretation of the subject of pressure.


Perhaps, "Fynske Kunsthandværkere" could get rid of the graphic culture or at least put it in relief. Conversely, the daring craftsmen can travel home to their workshops with deeper understanding of the graphic arts, or even with the inspiration they have expressed. Then something good happened in May.


Opening the 6th of May at 11-13, the exhibition will be opeeds by Annette Holdensen at 11 o'clock. Everyone is welcome.




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Lars Falkenberg