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Facades and more

Exhibition 3. -27. February



How does printmaling art looks in Swedish?


2 experienced artists, Swedish understood, have though snowy roads found together and exhibit in February at Funen Printmaking Studio.


Some years ago the chairman of Fredericia Art Association saw an advertisement from Eskildstuna Watercolor Club, who called for a watercolor collaboration with a Danish association.

This led to more mutual exhibitions, where Lillian Sundholm from Eskildstuna and Ingsi Croon learned to know each other, and later turned into printmaking - when they did not even speak Swedish. Ingsi Croon from Nørre Aaby is born and raised in Malmö.


The theme of the exhibition is "Facades with more" because facades are the "faces" we first show each other, later we come under the surface and into where we really come close to the personal expression.


Fernization Saturday, the 3rd of February at 11-13, everyone is welcome. The workshop is host to a small treat. The exhibition is opened by Poul Issing Rasmussen.





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