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John Olsen

Exhibition of prints


John Olsen is one of our best printmaking artists, who also turns out to have grownone year older without we have noticed it.

We are proud and happy to show John's prints in our gallery from June the 2nd to June the 28th.


John Olsen's works are immersed in life, it is as if his works arise from fruitful cooperation between paper, plate, thought and heart. We look with the heart, and are drawn by the floating contours and the sensed color scheme.

Nature has always been John's great inspiration, his works are so relevant to us and therefore we can keep watching them, they refer to life, that's what we see when we look at John's Works  - life.



The exhibition opens on Saturday the 2nd of June at 11:00 o'clock and ends on Wednesday the 28th of June.

Everyone is welcome for the opening and for the exhibition, the entrence is free.





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John Olsen