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Current exhibition



A Common Journey to the Inner Light


Anna Siek and Miina Laine

Guest artists from Poland and Finland

From the 3rd to 27th of June 2017



Funen Printmaking Workshop has the pleasure of presenting two promising younger printmaking artists, one from Finland and one from Poland. Both artists are educated at the Fine Art Academy in Tampere and Anna Siek, also in Krakow. They belong to the new generation of female artists, who do not want to be left in the shadow of their male colleagues, but work hard to create new great artwork on their own.


Miina Laine lives in northern Finland in Tampere, Miina has been staying at our studio twice, and it seems that Miina keeps coming back, because she has become a fully valid member of our atelier.


Anna Siek is from southern Poland near Krakow, where she is part of a large and well-known artist family. Anna is also a famous guest in Odense, Anna and her brother have been guest’s artists at a symposium last year at Guest Atelier Hollufgård.


Their works are very different, but they both have a distinctive; A search for the essential, "inner light".


Opening is on June the 3rd at 11-13, however, it is not certain that the artists will be present for the opening.



They say about their works:


Miina Laine:

My prints for this exhibition has started at Lake Pyhäjärvi in ​​Tampere. I walk along the lake every day to come to my studio and experience the ever-changing landscape.

I find that the monotype is a very challenging technique. It's also my window to the world, my way of flying.

During the work on monotypes I often work on a project basis; I have time and place to define my work. The experience of the place is the starting point, and at the workshop these experiences and memories go on to the plate. Many things, such as my own state of mind, surrounding people and life in general, influence the kind of things my mind seeks. I am fascinated by the movement of life and different rhythms.

My series of prints is therefore usually associated with a season, at least during the work process, but as seen my prints can be placed in any season. This is probably a perception of the way in which these prints are made; These works have not come from a direct observation, and do not aim directly at presentation, but primarily to convey the feeling.

I also think that my works speak in their own way of small everyday moments, like valuable and beautiful experiences in themselves.


Anna Siek:

My prints are about "Icarus" and about our daily lives, our fall and disturbances, the power that makes us born again and having the ability to take another attempt to cross our personal boundaries.

"Icarus" is the epitome of a romantic process, to have high ideals, heroism that borders to madness as a flight to the sun, but sometimes this flight to the sun can be our ordinary everyday life.

"Icarus" and his father fled from captivity, as we from our cage, but learning to fly is not always easy and safe. I often dream of flying, in dreams it's so natural it's easy to go, but flying is a symbol of physical and spiritual freedom. In today's world there is much freedom, but we often miss something that we do not find in the world, maybe it's just an illusion of freedom, and this search becomes like a sort of cage for us.

Each of our small insurgency and falls leaves a trace in our mind, just as in the print that were left behind in the matrix, which has undergone many transformation processes.


In my prints, I often use different techniques like lithography, linoleum, etching or cold needle, Aqua tint and watercolour. I also use prints, which I once started but gave up when they could not be completed - so they are brought back to life again.





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Anna Siek


Miina Laine