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Bodil Award



Awardwinner 2016


Bodil was the "captain" for many years, until she decided to stop in 2001. Her efforts for 25 years is quite invaluable. She stood load and burst when "the boat" was in distress and managed with safe and loving hand to find port.



The Bodil award 2016 will be given in respect to a printer, who has distinguished herself by her/his work and effort in Funen Printmaking Workshop as in other fine art departments. You are welcome to attend.

Former receiver of the Bodil Award:


2004 Aziz Yahya Ghodzipour
2005 Sonja Smith
2006 Alice Ipsen
2007 Bo Valentin Petersen
2008 Viggo Forting
2009 Anja Percival
2010 Yngve Riber
2011 Steffan Herrik
2012 Villy Jørgensen

2013 Teresa Larsen

2014 Trine Anderschou

2015 Wieslaw Dabrowski

2016 Ida Holm Mortensen

2017 Elmar Mønster




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