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The story



The Idea

In the early 70'ties a group of artists started a workshop for professional printers. From the idea arose and to the printing workshop where established, several years went by.

The 5th of February 1976 The Funen Printmaking Workshop was opened and inaugurated in Hans Jensens Stræde 18 in  Odense. The City Council of Odensehad provided the building. The goal was reached.


The Project

The Economic vision was implemented with support from the County of Funen and the City Council of Odense. And since Minister of Culture Niels Mathiassen visited the new workshop, he donated DKK 100,000 for the purchase of printing machinery - at once. 


A Board of Directors was established with representatives from the County and the City of Odense and artist Helge Engelbrecht was elected as the first President of The Funen Printmaking Workshop.
According to the statutes, we should have a supervisor and chose sculptor Erik Aalykke and his wife Bodil Aalykke and the residence in No. 20 was at their disposal. 


The enlargement

The numbers of member grew and so did the activities. We needed more space and an expansion where needed. Many unpaid volunteers put their effort into the work, and finally in 1997, 120 m2 in two floors were added to the old workshopbuilding.

The new building gave us the opportunity to organize a gallery. Today the exhibitions changes monthly but only prints are exhibited.


To day

The Funen Printmaking Workshop has grown, we have 300 professional working artists from 20 nations as members.
We do exhibit guest artists from abroad, and we do have small external exhibitions, guided tours in the workshop and. We have a exhibition committee and are continually working to expand the network.
But the basic idea, which was established over 40 years ago, is still intact. The spirit of the workshop is preserved. We inspire each other and push the limits of printmaking.



From the gallery you can achieve contact to printers in their working process. We arrange visits, and sell original prints.
If you need a small present, a print could be a more personal gift than flowers. In our gallery store you find our manager Lene Leveau, who will guide you through our large stock of prints. The website displays some of the prints you find in portfolios and drawers.


The workshops

The gallery is the largest room in the house and from here,there is access to the workshops.
We have three presses and a pretty little press to woodcut. There are workbenches, grinding facility, colors, tools, etc. and all facilities are available for a annual membership fee.

If you would like to take a tour of the workshop and a demonstration it’s obtainable though contact.


Please mail: fynsgrafiskevaerksted@gmail.com



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