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The Funen Printmaking Workshop


Applications are received twice a year, the 1st of April and the 1st of October.


When applying for admission, it is expected of all applicants to:

1. Mail or deliver in person a portfolio with a maximum of 10 original graphic works presenting skilland techniques and / or original drawings (up to 10 pieces) All works must be unframed. Copies, postcards or catalogs are not admissible.

2. Include a resume with relevant information as well as contact details    and a brief explanation of why you want to join the studio.

Students from Art Schools, Design schools, members of BKF, Guest Atelier Hollufgaard, can participate in print media workshops.


Application results are sent at the beginning of April and at the beginning of November.

If you are admitted, you will have a brief introduction to the ateliers.





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