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Viggo Forting was one of Funen's Printmaking Studios most important members for a decade.

The grant of Viggo's legacy is established in honor and remembrance of the artist, man and friend Viggo Forting.


The grant is a travel grant and can be searched by members of Funen's Printmaking studio and is awarded once a year on May the 9th at pm. 19:00.


Exhibition in Luxembourg


We did attend to the ICPEF in luxembourg



Footprint of Vollsmose




Funen Printmaking Studio will in cooperation with Vollsmos Library, offer teaching in drawing and printmaking for children and young people.


Lea Hoffmann and Gry Holst are in charge of the teaching one afternoon a week, from February to July 2018.


We have received support from the State Art Council Foundation for teaching.


For further information please send your request to Vollsmose Library for registration: vollsmose-bib@odense.dk





Viggo Forting

A very small but big man has passed away.

The painter and gprinter Viggo Forting is passed away the 19th of October, 2017, 87 years old.


Viggo loved his neighbor more than himself. A God-given Printer, anda fabulous gifted humourist is gone.


Viggo was a teacher-master teacher for a generation of new printmaking artists.
Viggo's life was marvelous as himself, in fact one must say he had more lives behind him, also good life.


Viggo has gone away, but his works, which he wisely delivered away will stand for joy, wonder and amazement for posterity.

Funen Printmaking Workshop has lost their "Maestro", concierge, and auxiliary spirit.


A memorial ceremony will be held on Thursday, the 26th of October at 16:30-19. Everyone is welcome to attend.




Exhibition 2017

At Kastrupgård we had an exhibition until June 2017.


Here is a video from the exhibition



Internationale Print Biennale for Kids 2018

The exhibition takes place in August, which is H C Andersen Festival-month, therefore the theme is H C Andersen's fairy tales. Awards wil be given to kids who have made wonderfull prints.



The 31st of August at 16 o'clock we award one printmaker, who have been doing a great job lately.

You are welcom to attend at this reception.

Wieslaw Dabrowski was the receiver.























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