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Siden 2019 har vi startet et Artist in Residence-program I vores hus i Hans Jensens stræde 20 i Odense. Her er to små værelser på 1. sal, og køkken og bad i stueetagen. Vi modtager gerne ansøgninger om opholde fra en uge op til 3 måneders varighed.

Vi ønsker at give udenlandske grafikere mulighed for at arbejde i vores værksteder, samt at udvikle de talentfulde grafikere blandt vores egne medlemmer. Vi modtager gerne gæstekunstnere fra hele verden. Desværre har vi ikke midler til at gøre dette til et ophold der er gratis for kunstneren.

Det koster 200 DKK i døgnet for logi, og 500 kr. for et værkstedskort. Man bør være medlem af Fyns Grafiske Værksted for at søge ophold. Vores tilbud er til gæstekunstnere 5.000 DKK for en hel måned. Kunstneren skal kunne arbejde selvstændigt i værkstedet. Man kan søge om tilskud til sine rejse og opholdsudgifter hos

Hvis du har lyst til at høre mere, kontakt Lene Leveau på mail eller telefon +45 6613 9973

Fyns Grafiske Værksted har tre udvekslingsaftaler for medlemmer. Hvis du har lyst til at arbejde med grafik andre steder for at lære nyt, kan du  sende en begrundet ansøgning om at komme til Atelier Circulaire i Montreal, eller til Künstlerhaus Lukas i Tyskland, eller til Mältinranta i Finland senest d. 15 januar 2021.

In from the Margins

Residency Opportunity for Refugee and Migrant Artists at Printmaking Studios Across EuropeFive printmaking studios across Europe are inviting applications from artists who identify as refugees or with experience of displacement to undertake a 1-month long printmaking residency as part of the European residency programme In from the Margins, funded by Creative Europe.

30 artists will be selected in total, will have the opportunity to work in a print medium of their choice and will be supported to develop their practice practically and professionally. Throughout the residency programme we will be welcoming refugee and migrant communities in the studios to engage with resident artists, to share their own stories and create new work which will be shared between our project members and the wider visual arts community in Europe. The programme will culminate in a group exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers in spring 2023.

Made possible with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union,
In from the Margins is a collaboration between:
Edinburgh Printmakers, Scotland

Cork Printmakers, Ireland

Funen Printmaking Studio, Odense, Denmark

International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

AGA Lab, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Artists are invited to apply for the residency opportunity available within their host country.

Application period:           15.12. 2021

Individual application deadlines and details for each of the studios can be found on their website.


In from the Margins

How can we support and promote work by refugee and migrant artists who have had to leave everything behind?

Funded by Creative Europe, In from the Margins is a European programme of Studios of Sanctuary residencies that provides: supported workspaces for artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds; exchanges of their work; and engagement with refugee, schools and wider communities. Work with refugee and migrant artists is currently largely focused on outreach and engagement programmes of major galleries. The project will bring this work 'in from the margins' to mainstream programming.

In from the Margins will create the first network of Studios of Sanctuary in Europe, offering opportunities for 30 artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds to take up supported residencies in internationally recognised print studios, taking place as follows:

9 residencies at Edinburgh Printmakers

6 residencies at Cork Printmakers, Funen Printmaking Studio, Odense and International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana; and

3 residencies at AGA Lab, Amsterdam.


An engagement programme with refugee, schools and wider communities will be running alongside the residencies. The contribution that refugees and migrant communities make to wider society will be celebrated also through exchanges of their work, exhibitions, and multi-disciplinary events.

In from the Margins seeks to break down barriers and create opportunities for refugee artists and local communities to share and to learn from each other while being supported by the resources and expertise of print studios. Each organisation will work in the language of their own studio and the languages of the resident artists where possible.

The project emerged from discussions between the partners, all print studios with civic aims which are based in multicultural cities on the margins of Europe. Our residency programme will further develop the 'Studios of Sanctuary' model, which originated in Yorkshire in response to the work of migrant artist Mohammed Barrangi, an artist and former Paralympian from Iran who became resident artist at The Art House in Wakefield, in a range of contexts across Europe.

Part 2: Partner info


Call for Applications at Fyns Grafiske Værksted

Residency Details

  • We will select a total of 6 artists to take part in the In from the Margins residencies at Fyns Grafiske Værksted, each lasting 1 month.
  • The residencies aim to be an empowering platform for artists who have experienced displacement to develop their practice and experiment with printmaking in a supportive environment, make new connections within their host communities, and for their work to be professionally produced, exhibited, and viewed by a variety of people.
  • During the residency, artists will be supported to work in the print studio to produce work and experiment with their practice, a selection of which will be shown as part of the final exhibition in Edinburgh in spring 2023.
  • As part of the residency, artists will be supported to deliver an artist talk. We will also consult them regarding the development of engagement activities with refugee and migrant communities and local schools, so these can closely connect with the work that they will be making in the studio.
  • One work by each resident artist will be retained for the archive at Fyns Grafiske Værksted
  • All residency activities will followthe current Covid-19 guidelines in Denmark
  • Participating artists will be subject to an artist’s contract.


Artist Support

Support for each artist will include:

  • 1 month access to our print studio facilities, with induction, training, technical support, and a materials budget.
  • Self-catering accommodation.
  • Travel costs to/from Odense (up to £300).
  • Artists who have the right to work in Denmark will be offered a fee based on Danish rates.
  • A budget is available for access support



The residencies are open to:

  • Artists who identify as refugees or with experience of displacement.
  • Those with previous experience of printmaking or who have an artistic practice that involves printmaking.
  • Applicants must be over 18 and living in the Denmark at the time of application.


How to Apply

Deadline for submissions: 15th December 2021 at 12:00

We are sorry but we cannot offer individual feedback on applications

We are open to receiving applications in alternative formats, such as video or audio. If you would like to discuss other application methods, please contact Lene Leveau at:


Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by Fyns Grafiske Værksted. Shortlisted artists will be invited to attend an online or telephone interview with a selection panel. Our proposed selection of artists will be discussed with our In from the Margins partners, after which residency recipients will be announced.

Applications will be selected based on the artists’ demonstrated interest and ability in a printmaking process, originality of artwork and potential to develop their practice through the residency.


Call published: Monday 18th October 2021

Deadline for applying: 5pm Friday 15th December 2021

Notification of outcome: Wednesday 1st February 2022

Residency dates: Mars 2022 – February 2023

Final group exhibition in Edinburgh: April 2023


About Fyns Grafiske Værksted

Fyns Grafiske Værksted was established in 1976 as the first open access studio in Denmark.

We provide facilities, expertise, and opportunities for artists to develop their practice, networks, and professional experience. We recognise and respond to artists at different stages in their careers, and we value diversity as a driver for artistic excellence and creative risk-taking.

Our vision is to create an international centre with world-class facilities and exceptional models of support for artists where audiences and communities can connect with our work and we can connect with the world, through:

  • A low cost, accessible printmaking studio
  • Accommodation for visiting artists
  • Residency and exhibition programmes
  • Printmaking courses for adults
  • Print club activities for children and young people
  • Learning studio for schools and workshop groups

For more information on the organisation and to view a wide range of prints and images of the studio visit our website:


Printmaking Studio

Residency artists may also access the studio on weekends and evenings by arrangement.

We have facilities for Etching, Relief printing, Stone and plate Lithography, Photopolymer, Laser cutting and Digital printing. In from the Margins_application


Fyns Grafiske Værksted

Hans Jensens stræde 18-20

5000 Odense


Tlf.: +45 6613 9973